Top 10 Reasons to Add Jakarta to Your Travel Itinerary

As far as travel in Indonesia goes, Jakarta is one of the most overlooked and underrated destinations in Indonesia. This sprawling city often only serves as a landing point, from which many travelers often spend a maximum of a day or two before setting off for more popular tourist sites like Bali and other island destinations. But Jakarta is a tourist destination in it’s own right! It’s chock full of culture and amazing architecture, and is also surprisingly modern. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t overlook spending some time in this beautiful city!

  1. Get a Taste of Real Life Indonesian Lifestyle

Let’s face it – Indonesia is incredibly beautiful, and has some amazing hotel and resort packages that are dirt cheap compared to Western countries. But, those often cater to Westerners and wealthy Asian visitors. If you want an unrefined look into Indonesian culture, Jakarta is a must for you!

  1. Incredibly Cheap Destination

You just can’t beat the prices! This country is cheap in general, but for the megalopolis that is Jakarta, you would expect to be paying a lot more than what you actually pay! As a developing yet sophisticated country, Indonesia is sure to be friendly on your wallet.

  1. Get Lost in the Crowd

Sometimes being in a smaller town where everybody knows everybody can feel much more invasive than being in a large city. So, if you are looking to be just another face in this city of 10 million people, Jakarta is the place to do so.

  1. Try out the Amazing Street Food

The food is to die for here! With several rice dishes paired with out of this world spiced meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, you are going to love this food! Just air on the side of caution and try to go to more clean establishments to avoid parasitic infections.

  1. Amazing Year-Round Weather

Life in Jakarta is perfect year round as far as the weather goes. It’s always fairly warm and has a pretty constant temperature throughout the year. Although, it has just two seasons (dry season and rainy) so pack an umbrella should you book a trip during the rainy season!

  1. Crazy Nightlife

There are some nightlife spots scattered around all of Indonesia, but if you are looking for the hottest spots full of all the locals ready to party, look no further than Jakarta. Sure, it may not be anywhere near the Western standard, but it’s an experience you have to try at least once.

  1. Enormous Shopping Centers and Luxury Brands

Many wouldn’t think of Indonesia as being a premier shopping destination, but let me tell you: it is! Jakarta boasts hundreds upon hundreds of large shopping complex centers, where you can snag all of your favorite items at super cheap prices! Jakarta is also home to worldwide luxury brands as well (Coach, Gucci, etc.).

  1. The Architecture and Vast Buildings

As a megalopolis, Jakarta has some pretty tall building that are intricate and unique in design. What sets Jakarta’s style of architecture apart is its incredible blend of the old, Indonesian style that is infused with the modern infrastructure we have today.

  1. The People

Jakarta is a place where you don’t go there simply for the sights to see and the foods to taste, but also for the people to experience. Jakartans are extremely happy and inviting people; you are sure to have a smile on your face while interacting with the locals.A

  1. Experience the Mix of Antique and Modern

Many cities have lost their antique charm with the onset of modern buildings and lifestyles that has overtaken. This is not the case in Jakarta. Jakarta has beautifully merged the old with the new, creating a modern city that still has it’s old, traditional cultural elements in its forefront. My thanks to McCoy’s plumbing at and their experience in traveling abroad.

Reasons to Visit Jakarta

Reasons to Visit Jakarta

home-banner-top Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. When people think about Indonesia, they mostly just think about Bali, yet Jakarta is really a fun place to be. Local people here are agreeable, inviting, and constructive, and in contrast with numerous other world capitals, wrongdoing levels are low. Since Jakarta is generally not on the radar of vacationers, there’s a credibility to quite a bit of it that is difficult to keep away from. Dutch provincial impacts stand close by those of the prevailing Islam religion, while social conventions from the differing Indonesian islands merge with the Western solaces of the expat group.Jakarta offers the best shopping choices in South East Asia, and you can’t guarantee you’ve been here without having gone to no less than one of the city’s numerous shopping centers.

Numerous Reasons to Visit Jakarta

jakartaIn spite of the fact that Jakarta strip malls aren’t your consistent shopping centers. Last year our friend that owns Superior Roofing and Gutters  visited Jakarta and was able to go strip malls there. These are agoliath, marble-amazed, extreme shopping centers, at times with lofts settled on top for accommodation. There are indoor bistros, eateries, karaoke bars, and billiard parlors. Shopping here isn’t an ordeal, it’s a lifestyle. There are more than one hundred and fifty tremendous shopping centers scattered all through Jakarta, with more appearing each year. Numerous individuals go here only for a shopping campaign. From nearby Indonesian brands to universal names, you can actually discover anything you need. Great Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia are two epic shopping centers you shouldn’t miss. For littler shopping centers and shopping edifices offering electronic things and exceptional contraptions, make an excursion to Chinatown. At the point when in Indonesia, a standout amongst the most famous things to appreciate is the food. Jakarta has a differing scope of nourishment choices accessible, and cooking from everywhere throughout the archipelago meets up to offer voyagers the most astounding quality Indonesian sustenance.

What to Expect from Indonesia


JakartaIf you visit Indonesia, you would be getting the complete package of friendly individuals, area, and ocean. There is no doubt that when you locate the characteristic excellence that Indonesia brings to the table joined with the sincere moderate paced way of life you too will begin to look all starry eyed at this genuinely stunning nation. Also, things are enhancing all the time with a youthful yet striking popular government that endeavors to assemble Indonesia ‘s new name on the planet while securing its legacy for future eras.Indonesia ‘s social and ethnic differences guarantee a remarkable ordeal. Be the first to paraglide off the slopes in North Sumatra.

Knowing What to Expect from Indonesia

JakartaBe the first to plunge into the waters off the shoreline of Flores. Be the first to drink sweet tea and watch the sun ascend over your astonishing experience. According to Travel and Leisure,  other than the natural beauties, Indonesia is also a shopping paradise, especially in its capital city of Jakarta. Jakarta is a dynamic city, and one of the world’s most noteworthy megalopolises. At first sight, it can seem, by all accounts, to be a swarmed and befuddling city, and it can be hard to look past the engaging activity and contamination for which it is known. Numerous sightseers take in different destinations all through the archipelago.

Their misfortune. Passing up a great opportunity for Jakarta on a visit to Indonesia is a slip-up. Underneath what is frequently seen as an unappealing veneer are a lot of amazements; an energizing nightlife and energetic shopping scene, and a mixture of Indonesian society and cooking. What are the best urban communities in Indonesia? You can find plenty of wonderful communities if you visit Jakarta. Jakarta is a virtual melting pot of beautiful malls and whatnot. There is scarcely anything you cannot find in Indonesia.

The Beauty of Indonesia


tidak-liburan-ke-luar-kota-ide-staycation-dan-liburan-di-jakarta-ini-akan-sangat-membantu-kalianIndonesia is a beautiful country that has been unfairly stamped with a bad rep as a country these days. There are lots of things you can experience in Indonesia. Most people go there in order to visit the Bali island, yet Bali is only a small part of what Indonesia has to offer. Putting lost Temples, antiquated societies, and customs aside for one minute. The area, the dirt, the paddy handle, the slopes, the valleys, the mountains, the volcanoes, the shorelines, the streams, the lakes, well such a variety of things down to the blossoms and fauna that elegance this area.

Understanding the Beauty of Indonesia

dmo-15-mar-jakarta-1Point a camera in any bearing and squeeze that catch. Remaining on the inclines of the volcanoes around MountBromo watching smoke surge from the pit got by the principal light of dawn, is chilling both with morning air and the sheer magnificence. Hunching in the thick wildernesses of Kalimantan as your aide focuses at orangutans skimming through the trees above, basically amazing. Pondering through the tea manors in Puncak, down winding ways looking outlined tea leaf pickers utilize the last snippets of light to fill their wicker container, peacefulness exemplified.

maxresdefaultThe lavish greens of the rainforest, paddy fields, and palm trees are just a prelude to what anticipates under the water’s surface. Coral patio nurseries rising with shading and life made conceivable by perfectly clear waters warmed by the tropical streams and underground volcanic fountains. This blend has made the home for themarine development and brags sorts of amphibian life that are unparalleled on the planet. Places like Raja Ampat, Bunaken will abandon you wishing you don’t need to come back to the surface. Plunging and snorkeling is an absolute necessity in this archipelago as you are never a long way from the water’s edge. Indonesia is a beautiful country.